Saturday, January 10, 2009

Just spreading some JOY from the holidays...AND A FUNNY to share..

Here's a little something to brighten your day....put a smile on your face....

The Spinning QUEEN, MOVE over Abba Dancing Queen ain't got nothin on this Spinning Queen!

And Adding a funny for your day!

OK so I wanted to post this because I am sure many of you can relate....taking a "family photo with small kids" For our christmas card, which is posted previously...hence which we did finally successfully get a good one...DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY SNAPS OF THE CAMERA IT TOOK, I am not even sure, I was viewing my digital photos..and I was cracking up, it looked like a comic strip, of only an arm move, facial expression changed, or something else...but we stood in the same place trying to take one good shot, but took like 6 and didn't make one good one LOL! well they are good, but just funny.....

Take ONE:





TAKE SIX: (can you see my frustration in this photo)

TAKE SEVEN, oh forget it!

SEVEN SHOTS Of the same pose, my goodness.....not one usable LOL, but hey kids are going to be kids, these are those family moments...that you look back on when diggin in the photo box..remember, OH my were a little stinker that day LOL

Good Nite all!

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