Sunday, January 25, 2009

Friday Events.....RECAP

Well to start off this great weekend, the sync of events were Friday Afternoon at Stamp Antonio for two wonderful classes taught by our WONDERFUL Amuse Instructor GEETA!! Yayyyyy GEETA. You were soooo nice to come down on Friday for us!! Thank you Thank you! I am sorry I could not attend both classes, but duties called as a hostess to get back to setting up for the big event!

Next we went to dinner at Casa Rio, food was good, but we could have had a little faster Service...the bus boy only knew how to hold up the wall it seemed when I had to ask him for some more chips and salsa and water! LOL But it was so fun to have dinner with everyone....than head off around riverwalk for some site seeing. The evening was great 79*, and no breeze, nor humidity, just a perfect evening! We wanted to check out the sites, than as we were walking...the girls voted for a hop into to, for some drinks! And someone suggested isn't there a Piano Bar, and Lisa (Great4u), was "PIANO BAR, HOW OLD DO YOU THINK I AM, HONEY I ATE THAT OLD, I WANNA REAL BAR for some drinks!!!" What a great lady, Lisa I thought that was great, I will always remember that a girl always knows what she WANTS!!!! Brenda (sassybee) was wondering if Polyesters...was still there, I myself was no help...I don't know much down we thought Coyote Ugly...LETS GO DANCE ON THE BAR!

Sassy this one's for YOU.................


(oh FYI, I got bounced by the bouncer for taking this video..but i did a blonde moment and was like "oh was i recording, I must have pushed the switch to far! LOL ) But hey I got a few seconds!!!

Aren't we so cute! We had too many laughs....together...but boy ....did I feel like the Mac Truck hit me in the'd think three beers would do nothing..I didn't feel anything that nite, but that morning..Oh my word LOL!

Oh hey sassy....remember...."try before you buy"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!

Ok off to bed..will be back tomorrow to post some more pictures...nite nite all

San Antonio Shoebox Swap CARDS!

Drum rolllllllllllllllllllll please!!!!!

Here's what ya'll been waiting for.... These are all the cards that were done at the 1St Annual San Antonio SCS Shoebox Swap 2009!!
Ladies these are beautiful cards, thank you all for attending, and making a WONDEFULLY fun day!!!!
Please feel free to leave some love comments for these ladies..that worked so hard on these!!!

More Pictures to be posted of the swap events!!!!!! Please be sure to check back!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blasting Back to the past.....GOSH!

Isn't it the wierdest thing, that when you've forgotten something, than years down the road when rummaging thru go "OH GOSH", I remember these, but WOW I look soooo different..Those are always my thoughts, with photos. Tonite Kris had dug out the ol handy camcorder one mind you with "TAPE" lol not the DVR memory, and he realized oh this is the one we took on our honeymoon to Jamaica, in o5'


My word, that seems so far's not in "YEARS" persay, but when you think back...of all the things, you've's SO FAR mind blowing...I find it neat to come across ol' photos, specially when I can say.."wow, I was damm good lookin" LOL...cuz you know some photos, you look back and laugh..., or think what the hell was I wearing..due to decade fashion trends....Although, if any of you have those BIG ol' Sunglasses, they a comin back! So a breif jot down honeymoon lane..I thought I'd share with you....

Jamaican Sunset...
Our Resort, Sandals Whitehouse...
The the time of course...

yeaaa....we're married.....

A beautiful flower...for his wife.....

Oh, and this of course was still on the camera...MEET Ms. Candy...

She was his delight for his bachelor party.....LOLHe also was "foil" balled and chained to her all nite LOL!

Take care all....