Thursday, September 11, 2008

Look WhAt Daddy DID?????

Well folks he finally went the whole field of cookies, he shaved it ALL OFF! Not like there was much to begin with persay on the scalp, but can we can certainly say "Mr. Clean, Mr. Clean" LOL. Oh were going to need some heavy duty Wax for this job, gotta keep the shine tip top! LOL Post a comment I'd love to know your reactions, what's your vote does he highly resemble the MAN or what? (see below)

I think so, what a MATCH!!!!

And this one is for the family! Look closely at all the detail.

Have a great nite/day, whichever it shall be...

Update on Hurricane: looks like we might just be in the clear, YIPPEEE!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hurricane PREPARE, oh boy!

Ok this is an absolute first for us Californians, we are Hurricane Virgins!!!! LOL. So far we are in "wait" mode, and prepare. Friday will tell the tell, if its hitting us direct, or how severe of impact we are going to have. YIKEs!!!!! Tonite we put brought in all our outdoor furniture, and bought some water, and goodies to have for the weekend in case we loose power. But ill keep ya updated. And def. will take some pics to post of what happens during...!!!!!

Kris wants to see if he can fly his kite...think the wind will be just right LOL!

Have a good nite......

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hawg Unleashed

It's grandpa's, my dad's birthday today, so his request was to get a "cool card" scrapped for his birthday. So since he is now a Harley owner, I spun my inspiration and I used Unity Stamp Co. Old Skool set. I love their motorcyle stamp in the set, it has awesome detail! I went untraditional than just Happy Birthday, I decided, let's be "Hawg Unleashed!" Happy Birthday Dad!!!!! Ryley says Happy Birthday Grandpa!!!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Scrappy Sunday!!!

Hey all, how are you on this wonderful sunday! I was having a creative edge today, and wanted to finish up this page of little Ms. Ryley for Great Grandma for her birthday, it is a framed scrap page I made for her of the little darling, and a pic of all three of us from our vacation photos. And yeah its all done! Ain't it darling, she is going to love it! Well I'm keeping this one brief off to finish up my weekend chores, hope everyone had a great weekend, had great vacations, and wish you all off to a great start for the new week!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Daddy's Little Angel

These are moments that are just awhhhhhh so daddy's little girl, they are precious times to capture and just cherish. Daddy and his little girl, what more precious-ness could you ask for....

Learning to Blog

Ok I have to admit, blogging is NOT EASY, it is way more time consuming than MYSPACE was, or wait maybe I had more time LOL, thats right I had a piece of cake job than LOL, get to play NET all day! Well tonite, I decided that I would at least update this thing once a week. So Friday nite is the nite to update!! Tonite I attempted to try to create a personal siggy...Let's see, how did I do?