Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday Kris!

BLOG CANDY-------------------------------------------->

Happy Happy 30th Birthday!!!!! Click the link for a short song to start this Big birthday Day! So first off I want to Wish my Dear Husband a Happy Happy 30th Birthday! I wish you a wonderful day, and hope all your dreams and wishes come true!

First off On this day let's roll the clocks back to 1979, it was the end of the 70's and almost start of those dreaded 80's..which I am sure you all know all to well. Do you still have those bell bottoms, and brown cordoroys, with your PEACE necklace's, or were those retiring because Madonna Cones, and Paula Abduls "cold hearted snake" were infringing our near future? Well a couple things that happened on this Day March 19, 1979 30 years ago in history :

*The United States House of Representatives begins broadcasting its day-to-day business via the cable television network C-SPAN.
*Births : Hee-Seop Choi(Korean Baseball Player), and Ivan Lujubicic(Coraitian tennis player)
*Who else shares March 19th Birthday: Wyatt Earp, Bruce Willis, Glenn Close, Ursula Andress, Phylis Newman, and Patrick McGoohen.

*Weather on this Monday March 19th 1979, was actually a cold 49* in Bellflower, California. When I was born that year it was 105* the hottest day of the year in June! I came into the world steamy, he came into the world brisk!

Today's feature is not just a card, but something crafty I made for Kris for his birthday! He love's pin up girls! So I thought this image from would be cool to use. I colored her all chic with my copics, and created framed art for him to put on his desk at work! And a matching card! Isn't it sooo cute...Hope he likes it...

Well as you see on top is the wonderful BLOG CANDY in full text now! What you will receive is variety of 6x6 b/w, and gray/silver designer papers, brads, eyelets, notecards with envelopes in two sizes ready to craft, a matching journal, matching cute as ever sticky notes all coordinated for your stamp shabby room. You will also get ribbon in two different b/w polka dots, assorted b/w prima/embellished flowers, mini chipboard pieces all in b/w, Jolee's boutique mini silver flowers too cute, making memories boho round jigsaw alphabets in neutral color ready to be dabbed in color, and my favorite chic Mike's chandeliar stamp! So you wanna win.....

Be sure to leave your comment, send some Happy Birthday wishes, or just hellos, and a winner will be selected tomorrow and announced! Happy Blog Candy Day!



  1. OMG I MADE IT..... OK off to work, I go but HAD TO wish Kris a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    GREAT PIN UP GIRL Christy and OMG the coloring is really great and look at the part of her that is in "water" **wink** it's darker and looks FANTASTIC GREAT DETAIL my friend!!!!!

    Have a great day all, off to shower for work!

  2. Amazing..I can't believe your candy,,woohoo..and what a nice card you made your birthday la la it..Chris, have a very happy 30th birthday!! From da Deej!!

  3. WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF YOUR 30'S!!!!! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRIS! HOPE YOU ENJOY ALL YOUR DAY BRINGS!!!! That pin up girl is great! I think that should be his next TAT!

  4. Welcome to the 30's - enjoy them! Happy Birthday to Kris! Christy, this card is FABOO!!!!!!!!!! Happy day!

  5. Awwww...look at how cute that framed pin-up is! Great job on these Christy! I'm sure he's gonna love it!

    Kris...Happy ___ Birthday to you! I was gonna insert the age in there but I don't want you to shake your cane at me! LOL! I'm kidding...I have to say...I'm 32 and I am SO happy I'm in my 30's! Now people can actually take you serious!'s better than my hubby's age...he's 42! LOL! Happy Birthday and may it be an awesome one! But with a wifey like Christy...I'm sure it will...and not to mention your little gal! Enjoy your day guy!

  6. Hey Kris, wishing you a happy birthday!!! Try to enjoy it even if it is your 30th. . .;)

  7. Happy Birthday to Kris! I'll bet you make it extra special for him too! :) Great cards Christy! :)

  8. Happy Birthday Kris!! I hope you have a great day! Christy, great job on the card and matching artwork for his desk!!

  9. Happy Birthday, Kris!! The early 30's were probably the best years of my life. I hope you enjoy your crafty birthday treat!



    Enjoy Your Day!!! Don't let Christy tease you about turning 30 because her B-Day is right around the corner... ;) LOL

    Christy Love the card Great Job!!!

    From Delia (Stephanie) LOL!!!

  12. A very happy birthday to Kris! 30? Oh you're sooooo young!! Have a wonderful day!

    Christy your card and project are adorable - fantastic job!

  13. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY KRIS!!!!! Have a super day and make sure that beautiful bride takes care of ya ;)