Saturday, March 14, 2009

Coming Thursday March 19th!

Blog Candy!

Ok all you fine ladies, and gents...never know if there is one out there in this crafty world. On thursday 3/19 I will have my very first opportunity for someone to win some "birthday blog Candy" in honor of someone very special to me. All you have to do is Post a comment on my blog by 1159CST on Thursday March 19th blog post when I post on Thursday! And I will select one person's comment from that blog post to be a winner using webby on friday evening. Prize is to be announced thereafter when winner is chosen.

Honor of this "birthday blog candy" is for my DH(Kris) he is turning the big 30 ~ Yup Ladies he's hitten his rocker and cane, LoL. So on thursday post him some Birthday Love Comments for his big 30 number and win a chance for some yummy goods for yourself! I always joke with him "Haha your gonna hit the next decade before I do" LoL I am still 29 for a few more months Shew LoL. So here is Mr. Man....still 29........and of course my little lovey's Ryley!!!

And keep checking back this week..I'll be posting some more cards...of some of the swap's I'm in with all my gals! I have been a busy crafter...all weekend!

Kiss Kiss!
Edited to add: Thanks for all the posts today! Kris had a big grin, I told him see my stamping peeps are there for ya! But be sure to come back and post your comment on Thursdays Blog post 3/19 that I will have up that day for your chance to win!!!


  1. I'm here! Happy Early Bday to the DH! :) Wish I could go back to 30....


    Laura Jean

  2. 30! I can't even *remember* 30! I hope you have a fantabulous birthday, Kris! Make Christy be extra nice to you! *wink*

  3. Hope you help hubby *celebrate* his big day in a way apropriate to your title Christy! ;-)

    Hugs! Scrappy

  4. Happy Birthday to your hubby!!!! Where's the 30-Dirty party? hahaha!

  5. Awww, I'm thinkin this pic needs to be a BIG one on the mantel, that decorative piece that is NEVER used in that NEVER cold state.... LOL

    Happy B Day Kris!!!! I've got ya by a "couple" years.... it ain't THAT bad to be old, the depends are kinda cool.... :)