Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day 4 - Last Day he is 29...

Well it's the last day for Kris to be 29! Wonder how he'll wake up tomorrow knowing "He's 30!" So did you all enjoy leaving your twenties, or is there ever a day you want to go back to 20, 21, 25? I think my favorite age was 25! You were past the 21 year old party phase, and really truly started to enter the "real adulthood" I think. And even more so now as I reach myself closer to my thirties, I think turning 30 is a another great milestone in life. You get to enter another phase of life, and another phase of being a "Grown Up", but do all the responsibilities have to follow LOL.

So for today, I saved my to post I made for another one of scrappy's swaps this week! I took two spots in this swap because I LOVE MFT STAMPS! Scrappy's newest swap she is hosting over on splitcoast is MFT Swap for charity! She is donating all the hostess cards to a charity! What a fabulous idea! Great Going Scrappy! There is still time to chime in the fun, Do you love MFT, well than come on over, and play! Not due till June, plenty O time! Scrappy you have been featured in all my posts this week. I worked on all your swaps....Shew I am tuckered, thank goodness most were 3 + 1 's LOL fast and easy to complete!

My first spot I used MFT bunny slippers stamp set! I used the paper piercing trick to make my robe all chic! I color coordinated my DP to go with the mood of relaxation! Since today is relax day for Mr. Birthday Boy, before tomorrow big DAY!

My second spot, I added some a twist in my card design. I used MFT Day Dreamer set that I got from last weeks bubble bin bargain! Whoot Whoot Kim love the bubble bin bargains! You all have to check it out on Mondays, that is when it updates with new bargains for the week! So my humorous twist in this spot was I created 4 cards

for the birthday boy in mind. Ms. Day Dreamer ponders..the day before BDAY "so what I was thinking birthday boy you + me = good times" *wink wink* LOL oh boy I just remember My Momma and His Momma read this too LOL! Oh well! But my twist I thru in this card making was to color each Day Dreamer's hair color a different color, and show Kris....and say "Are you a blonde, red hair, burnette, and black hair" kinda guy? His answer...RED Head LOL of all, Shoot, I just put blonde highlights in my hair...well I got that one wrong! Eh it's all good..I put the wild streak in the relationship!

Well here is the last sneek peek of the goodies revealed tomorrow! Be sure to come back and post..your comment on tomorrow post. It will be posted 12am thursday, and you have all day thursday to post till 1159cst! Than Friday a winner will be chosen. The winner will be chose Friday be sure to check back friday nite for the winner, it might be YOU!

Have a great Day!

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  1. kris--enjoy your last day in your 20's...there are days people ask me how old i am and i can't remember i'm already over 30!!!!