Monday, March 16, 2009

Day 2 - California Roll anyone?

Happy Monday Everyone, Start of another week, oh it friday yet...LoL, guess not. What shall Monday bring us? Let's see how about some sushi! As I remember the day's living in California, was the oh so yum sushi you could get, sorry Texas but no Benihana Restaurant hold's up to the California coast fresh sushi rolls you could get everywhere. Of course the California Roll was my fave! And Wasabi!! So which brings me to how much I love Sushi, I was in another one of Scrappy's swap was "I love" which stamp company, Well hmmm I love them ALL! But since I themed this one in my mind to the love of sushi, I used Amuse sushi set that is perfect for my Love of Sushi Rolls! Get it Roll with it! LoL

Just bringing my California side into the mix!

And can't have sushi, without the kimono, and the Bonsai tree branches LoL, all a perfect match!

So just a note for today.....

Before wrapping up today's post here is another sneek of the eye candy you could win on Thursday! Just have to post a comment on March 19th Mr. Birthday Man's (Kris) 30th Birthday week!! WooHOO!

Thanks for stopping by, have a wonderful day!

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  1. Love those cards! Great job! Are those AMuse stamps? I *might* need those! ;-)

    Love ya! Scrappy